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Alan Murray of Fortune, Inc., noted that more than any other time in history, "The employer has become only or largest input of value and sense of well-being for the millennial. So the employer is sitting in the hot seat more than at any other time." This does not only apply to millennials. Because Americans no longer go to church and do not attend civic clubs as in days past, they depend on their work to define their value. So the way their employer treats them is an emotional treasure or trap, and it all depends on you, Boss.

In the same way that corporate Duty of Care defines fiduciary responsibility of the company board of directors, Corporate Generosity is the responsibility of employers to treat their employees beyond mere equitability. When you develop your employees to their best ability, you add value across all facets of management and business life. This creates loyalty and brand reliability. 

People Connector works with you to increase value in and with your workforce, developing your staff and your brand. Learn how a few, simple measures can enlarge your brand territory and increase your workplace efficiencies. Get an appointment with us to set your leadership plans in motion.


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